Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia with a population of approximately 300 000 people. It has a charm like very few other cities have thanks to the combination of modern world comforts, versatile nightlife and luxurious adventures and rich cultural scenery in a historical setting. Due to these factors, Tallinn delivers on and off poker tables. From a poker perspective, Tallinn, and specifically Olympic Casino has been the scenery for players and events targeting the Nordic community due to the differences between casino licenses in the Nordic region.

For example, in Norway there are no international casinos. In Sweden and Finland, there are only the state-run casinos while in Estonia, it is a free market and the competition approach based on license system. So, for the Nordic poker scene, this has led to a great amount of tournament and poker events being held in Tallinn, even though they might target “only” Swedes, like Swedish Championship or “only” Finns and Swedes like the case of Pokerfinnkampen or Nordics at large, like Super Weekend. However, there are also a fair amount of international stops, be that Grand Live, Unibet open or the latest buzz in town, the international event Kings of Tallinn.