Upon our arrival in Malta in June, we were greeted by the blazing hot sun and the perfect beach weather. Our host, again, was Casino Malta by Olympic Casino. We managed to play good poker and enjoy the beautiful weather on this lovely island, like we always do.

In Malta, we took our players to a sunny catamaran trip fueled with plenty of drinks, celebrated the Champagne Day with a glamorous VIP pool party, took a nice refreshing afternoon pool-top swim and had a dinner to remember. The VIP dinner was special because, for the first time in Cash Game Festival history, it took place in a private house.

We were offered wonderful home-cooked food and excellent wine. What made the whole experience even more special was the fact that the owner of the household is a proud owner of lions. Yes, the lions were right in the backyard next to the dinner venue. These lions were rescued lions from a war zone zoo. Had they not been rescued, they would be dead by now.

We were very lucky to witness some great moments of affection between the lions and the owner. No harm done when he stretched out his hand, patting them on their noses. The lions behaved like domestic cats. Of course, none of us was allowed to do the same for obvious reasons.

Thank you all for coming and sharing some great moments with us!

Thank you, Malta!