Join us and book your stay at the Player Hotel! We offer accommodation to each venue and you can book your room directly through us or use a booking code when booking a hotel room.

We guarantee a quality hotel that is close to the casino where you can hang and chill with other players and friends.

You have also the possibility to buy the appreciated VIP hospitality packages that contains cool and fun activities off the felt. We do yacht sightseeing, go to the gun range, play pool, play beach volleyball, full spa sessions, VIP tables at popular night clubs and eat at really good restaurants amongst other fun stuff.

Don’t miss the opportunity!


Join us in Bratislava.

With our VIP Package, we not only offer a buy-in to the CGF Sixty Grand Tournament, but also accomodation for 2 persons for 4 nights, including breakfast and Spa.

Don’t miss it.


Join our VIP tours and happenings! We do a lot of fun and exciting stuff during our stay at the various venues, yes – we play poker but in between we do at least one activity per day where we have tons of fun and we´re joined by our camera team and photographer – everything is documented… almost everything.


CASH GAME FESTIVAL offers great experiences in great venues, we make sure that all of our stops offers that little extra touch needed in order to make your stay worth it´s while.

With a team of dedicated mood managers alongside with fun poker players you´re well taken care of.


  • Testimonials - Bobby James
    Cash Game Festival, what more can I say? I look forward to every stop every month. It's just such a good week! Lots of fun, playing all sorts of games and meeting awesome people. Met some of my best friends at the Cash Game Festival tour and really hate to miss any stop! You gotta try it out for yourself and you'll see what I mean. They've got a great team who do a fantastic job and really interact with players well!
    Bobby James
  • Testimonials - Nicholas Kennedy
    As a cash game player, I find the Cash Game festival to be the most exciting tour in Europe. The atmosphere is that of a mixed game between friends playing in the most luxurious casinos. For those grinders out there like me, there is so much value to be had whilst being able to play on stream and analyse your live game: whilst having a blast!
    Nicholas Kennedy
  • Testimonials - Peter Bergman
    For me a pokertravel is about to have a good time and meet new people, experience new places, good food, and maybe win some money. On the CGF you really hang out with different people ? both on and off the table. CGF arranges trips, dinners, happenings, sightseeing, mingle, etc etc. So, you really get to know the person behind the pokerplayer.
    Peter Bergman
  • Testimonial - Edgar A
    The Cash Game Festival is the greatest way for poker players to combine work and pleasure. You have the absolute freedom to play or explore city as much or as little as you want. And the CGF crew will help you with both by having a list of amazing activities planned for you and by having wide range of games and stakes that you can play on TV tables. 8/8
    Edgar A