The Cash Game Festival in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is hosted by Platinum Casino & Hotel. They offer a nice venue for successful live cash game events. The casino’s poker room gets filled with cash game tables every night during the Cash Game Festival.

The casino and the hotel are right on the Black Sea, offering the chance to sunbathe and swim when taking a break from poker. The local cuisine is top notch with the great mix of local Bulgarian dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. The weather is amazing with no rain during the summer season – a good location for a “poker n’ beach holiday”.

Moreover, the Bulgarian stop has become quite famous for its prop bets with 2016 prop bet sending a London-based Estonian recreational poker player to live in a tiny town of Poland for one month with the result of making headlines in the Polish national media. The second prop bet in 2017 sent a Polish poker pro to a road trip in an old Slowball car. Read here and here to find out more about these exciting and fun prop bets.

See you in Bulgaria!